How did you decide what was needed for the Lismore Base Hospital redevelopment?

Decisions about the redevelopment facilities and service upgrades for Lismore Base Hospital were based on the needs identified in the Clinical Services Plan. This plan has been developed by the Northern NSW Local Health District and identifies current and future health service needs. There has also been extensive consultation with many clinical and non-clinical staff at the hospital.   

How is the redevelopment being funded?

The Lismore Base Hospital is being funded in two main stages.

  • Stage 3a is an $80.25 million project which is jointly funded by the State and Federal Governments – with $20 million from the NSW Government and $60.25 million from the Australian Government’s Health and Hospitals Fund.

  • Stage 3b is a $180 million project which is being funded by the NSW Government.

  • Stage 3c is a $52.5 million project which is being funded by the NSW Government.

Who is running the redevelopment project?

The project is being managed by Health Infrastructure, a NSW Government agency which manages the planning, design and delivery of health infrastructure capital works across the State. An Executive Steering Committee oversees the project and includes representation from the NSW Ministry of Health, Health Infrastructure, Treasury and the Northern NSW Local Health District.

When will the redevelopment be completed?

The redevelopment is being carried out in stages. Major construction is due to finish by 2020 and refurbishments to existing buildings will finish by 2021. 

  • Early works construction occurred from mid-2013 to mid-2014.

  • Stage 3a main works (the new South Tower) began in mid-2014 with the Emergency and Renal Departments being completed by mid-2016.

  • Stage 3b construction began in mid-2015 (continuing work on the South Tower) and construction of the new North Tower will occur from 2018-2020.

  • The new car park has been constructed from mid-2015 to mid-2016.

  • Refurbishments of existing buildings will occur from 2020-2021.

  • Overall project completion will be in 2021.

Will there be more inpatient wards?

Yes. Stage 3a of the redevelopment is designed to address the priority needs for a new and expanded Emergency Department and a new Renal Unit. Stage 3b will include new and expanded inpatient wards, a new integrated Women’s Care Unit, a new Paediatric Unit and a range of other facilities. Stage 3c will include new and expanded inpatient wards, a new intensive care unit (ICU)/high dependency unit (HDU), new education, training and research facilities, and new administration facilities.

Will there be more parking?

Yes. A new car park is being constructed in Uralba Street, across the road from the Lismore Base Hospital. This will provide an extra 270 parking spaces over five levels, offering paid parking for staff and visitors. The car park is designed for future expansion if required. 

What about community health services?

Primary and community health services will be relocated back into the main hospital site from the current Molesworth Street building. This will occur from 2021. 

Will there be any loss of services during construction?

No. There will be no loss of services during construction. In addition, patient care and safety will continue to remain a top priority during the construction program.

Who can I contact for more information?

Please visit the Contact page of this website.